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Business Watch

connects businesses and local government elected officials, leaders and management.

This unique network provides a venue to share knowledge necessary to both government and businesses. Business Watch participation in government partners’ educational events, training and professional development opens dialog to work toward common goals.

Together, Business Watch government and corporate members are a powerful coalition to better our economy, influence public policy and strengthen our communities.

Better our Economy, Influence Public Policy, Strengthen our Communities - Business Watch

Business Watch brings one of the most innovative concepts in the nation to facilitating a collaborative relationship between local government and the private sector. Business Watch has been one of our best investments ever and I personally truly believe in their mission and in their effectiveness.

- Ron Holifield, Strategic Government Resources

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Dani Dahlberg

Membership Director

It's time to protect Home Rule ... from a business point of view

Legislators have been employing a “Father Knows Best” attitude in an attempt to strip local government of its authority. Some believe that “one size fits all” regulation is a benefit to businesses but, from our perspective, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the strengths of private sector contractors is our ability to custom fit solutions to each local jurisdiction’s circumstances.

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