ADA Document Remediation

As Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits swept across Florida, Business Watch partnered with AbleDocs, a world-wide leader in ADA remediation, to create an easy solution to make your documents accessible and ADA compliant. Use this form to easily upload files and have them returned in an ADA compliant format. It’s fast, secure, and backed by a $10 million insurance policy. We even negotiated discount pricing.

For Contractors

Governments are now requiring bids and reports to be submitted in an ADA compliant form. Use our portal for your ad hoc remediation needs.

For Governments

You may not have the in-house expertise for complex documents (like your Budget, CAFR or Comprehensive Plan) or you may just need to be sure (like an ADA records request).

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Business Watch will never have access to your documents or payment information, but may receive your contact and a commission.

Questions? Need Help?

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To be clear, users of this service are contracting directly with AbleDocs. They (and the insurance policy) will stand behind the work. In the event of a lawsuit, it’s their experts, their lawyers and their settlement money. Business Watch wants to know about your experience and help resolve any issues. Please provide feedback to