Business Watch is an advocate for local governments and the contractors that serve them.

Florida State Capitol Building

Florida’s local governments need to be financially healthy to serve as an economic driver. Each year, cities and counties spend tens of billions of dollars in the private sector, buying everything from park benches to paperclips. Government contracts are the engines that support Business Watch companies, shareholders and employees.

Business Watch supports investments conducive to creating a positive business climate, including improving infrastructure necessary for trade, addressing water quality and supply issues, repair and expansion of transportation systems, private property rights and adequately funding education including workforce training.

Business Watch supports tax policies that promote a balanced approach to cuts and revenue. It is in everyone’s best interest to both save money and consider new or increased revenue sources.

Business Watch supports the citizen’s right to local self-government, individual community standards and the unique services local governments provide. Business Watch members strongly support the concept of local decision making.

The Business Watch team truly understands the importance of the relationship between local government and the businesses that serve them. Their advocacy on behalf of their members with the Legislature had not only been beneficial to Jones Edmunds, but allowed us to better serve our clients.

- Terry Lowery, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Jones Edmunds

2019 & 2020 Legislative Information

In odd numbered years, the Legislature meets March to May. Interim committee and local delegation meetings are held in the winter. The 2019 session is over.

In even numbered years, the Legislature meets January to March. Interim committee meetings have been scheduled for the weeks of: September 16, October 14 & 21, November 4 & 12 and December 9.

Before any bill becomes a law, it must pass both chambers and be signed by the Governor. Most new laws take effect July 1 of that year.

Florida House of Representatives; Speaker Jose Oliva
Florida Senate; President Bill Galvano