Business Watch Partners

Business Watch is proud to support our Local Government partners. Our partners are the Florida City County Management Association (FCCMA), the Florida League of Cities (FLC), the Florida League of Mayors (FLM) and the Florida Center for Local Government Excellence.

Our membership had an immediate positive impact, helping us meet and connect with top level people in Florida.

- Mark Ogles, Public Property Solutions

True Partnerships Working Together

Our partnerships are true partnerships. Business Watch fosters understanding and problem solving across the public- private divide. Governments know the issues they are facing, and our corporate representatives often think outside different boxes to create new solutions. Everyone wins.

Corporate participants train alongside government representatives to fully understand the scope of government problems. We share subject-matter expertise by conducting training sessions and writing for government publications.

Beyond working together, we socialize and have fun while also building better communities through our City Catalyst Grant program. Simply put, Business Watch strengthens public/private relationships in ways other professional associations simply cannot.