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Business Watch is a trade association serving the unique needs of government contractors. Our members train side-by-side and work hand-in-hand with elected officials and administrators as colleagues, solving problems together. We strengthen working relationships in ways other professional associations simply cannot.

Business Watch makes us all better. Partnerships matter in local government, Business Watch provides candid perspective for community building.

- Michael C. Cernech, Tamarac City Manager

2020 Training Events

All events are subject to change and have a registration fee to which credits can be applied. As registration opens, we’ll provide specifics (including the registration fee) as links under Registration in the calendar below.

Membership is required to attend these events, contact Beth, Rawlins@BusinessWatchInc.com to learn more or   Join Now

Date Event Registration Location
Jan 9 FCCMA Webinar Internship Toolkit Statewide
Feb 6-7 FCCMA Winter Institute Invitation Only – City of the Future, 2030 Daytona Beach
Feb 11-12 FLC Legislative Action Days Legislative Meetings Tallahassee
Feb 13 FCCMA Webinar Homelessness Statewide
Feb 21 FCCMA District Training Ethics Fort Pierce
Feb 28 FCCMA District Training True Colors Assessment Palm Bay
Feb 28 FCCMA District Training Planning & Zoning Trends Davie
Mar 5 FCCMA Webinar Consensus Building Statewide
March 13 FCCMA District Training Effective Stakeholder Communication DeLand
Mar 20 FCCMA District Training  Cancelled Panhandle
Mar 25 FLC Webinar 2020 Legislative Session Wrap-Up Statewide
Mar 27 FCCMA District Training  Cancelled Polk/Lake
Apr 2 FCCMA Webinar Legislative Wrap Up Statewide
Apr 10 FCCMA District Training Employee Recruitment & Retention Fort Myers
May 7 FCCMA Webinar MuniMod Statewide
May 27-30 FCCMA Conference Orlando
June 4 FCCMA Webinar Recreation & Parks Econ Impact Statewide
Third Quarter Legislative Committee Mtgs Invitation Only Orlando
July 9 FCCMA Webinar Building Security Statewide
Aug 6 FCCMA Webinar Statewide
Aug 12 FLC Research Symposium Hollywood
Aug 13-15 FLC Conference Hollywood
Sept 3 FCCMA Webinar Statewide
Fourth Quarter Grants Awards Invitation Only Statewide
Oct 1 FCCMA Webinar Statewide
Oct 15 FLC Research Symposium Orlando
November FCCMA Fall Symposium
Nov 5 FCCMA Webinar Statewide
Nov 12-13 FLC Legislative Conference Orlando
Dec 3 FCCMA Webinar Statewide

Additional Events

Business Watch Partners regularly add events throughout the year (i.e. FLC University classes & webinars and FCCMA regional events). Information on additional events will be made available to members via email and added to this calendar as they are finalized.

Hospitality Suite

Business Watch hosts a hospitality suite at the FCCMA Annual Conference exclusively for members and their guests.

Corporate Specific Training

Business Watch offers government vendor specific training at both the FCCMA and FLC conferences. These are timely trainings geared just to corporations to help you be better partners. Past topics have included public records laws, ADA electronic accessibility, government 101, overview of proposed constitutional amendments and much more.

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